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Rate Card

Residential (non-commercial) Hull Cleaning

Sailing Vessels Under 50'                  
Motor Vessels under 50'
Outdrive Cleaning
Heavy Fouling Cleaning Jobs
50' to 60' Vessels
65' and above

$2.50 per ft for maintenance
$2.75 per ft for maintenance
$15.00 Each
$95.00 Per Hour
$3.00 per ft
Call For Pricing

Zinc and Anode Installation

$10 per zinc installation if done while cleaning your hull, or performing onsite service
$50.00 special trip charge for zinc installation only (includes up to 5 anodes) $10 each additional

Materials not included in these prices

Commercial Hull Cleaning

Quoted By Job

Typically $175.00 per man / per hour

Commercial maintenance dark water work $350 per hour min for 2 men

$100 per ft for vessels in water 15 ft or less
Search is $100 Trip Charge Min + $50 per hour / per man minimum

Lost Item Recovery
Search is $100 Trip Charge Min + $50 per hour / per man minimum
Plus pre-agreed "Finders Fee" percentage of the lost items' value

Fishing Trip Documentary

Starting at $400 and up. We will mike and video the boat from several angles, do mini interviews with anglers and captain, capture the action from the topside, capture the bite from under the water and edit your trip as if it were going on air on the Fishing Channel

Diving Instruction Courses

Scuba Review Courses - $99 per person, doesn't include gear (Min of 4 persons to hold a class)
Discover Scuba - $99 per person

To Schedule Service or get a quote call us at (904)755-4546 Or email us at DaneShields@ds-diving.com

Hull Cleaning

Zinc Replacement